Zero movie critics review

Hello friends Here is Zero movie critics review

Average review: 2.5/5

By critics

Indian Express: 1/5

Hindustan times: 3.5/5

Ndtv: 2/5

India today : 2/5

News18India : 1/5

IndiaTimes: 3/5

The Times of india; 3.5/5

IMDb: 7.5/10

Siffy: 3/5

IndiaTv: 3/5

Filmybeat: 2.5/5

By Audience


raj vithlani · Guide

Zero first day first show review.
Starring SRK, Katrina nd Anushka 

My Rating 1/5
As everyone expected
Salman’s Race3, Amir’s TOH
How can shahrukh be behind
He did met up with our expectations giving a biggest disaster of the year.

The direction by Anand Rai was a waste and its just made to earn.

2. Dharmendra Roy

watched zero,
I like a movie as a art, this is a good one. you will fell in love with characters especially with Buaa singh. story is something new, bold,  should be praised. NEUTRAL PEOPLE CAN CONNECT WITH CHARACTERS. i wont tell you story(no spoilers


Bollywood Hero
Zero is a delight that doesn't quite fulfill that SRK standard but is only a one time watch. 

Whats Good - The performances, setting, songs, cameos and direction

Whats Bad - Screenplay, Second Half, Duration is too lengthly and the film doesnt feel realistic.

Let me know what do you think about this film


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